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About Pizzeria GM

Pizza and graffiti are both old school art forms expressions of creativity. The two together are the epitome of our childhood. Growing up in the Bronx during the 60s and 70s was rough and gritty, but full of culture and life. A pizza joint was as easy to spot as a graffiti adorned train or wall. This culture was mirrored in Naples, my father’s hometown. Naples is a gritty and colorful city, and the birthplace of pizza. My father brought this attitude with him when he immigrated. New York opened its arms to him when he opened Roccos. My brother and I were lucky enough to work side by side with him and learn a commitment to our community, customer service, and the importance of food quality. Rocco’s was a neighborhood spot we belonged to the neighborhood Just as GIANMARCOS is to Edgewood and Pizzeria GM is to West Homewood. My family just wants to keep old school alive for our customers history, culture, music, food quality, and service. We put our hearts and souls into our restaurants and people feel it hopefully you will feel it too.